Sort through our collection and determine your quantity and options, or choose to have us create something custom.


Determine the quantity of invitations you need – remember it’s the number of invitations, not guests – and add your pieces to your shopping cart.


We’ll reach out within a day or two to work with you on wording and all the details.


Invitation Suite

An invitation suite consists of a wedding invitation, an outer envelope printed with a return address, a reply card and a printed reply envelope.

Save the Date

A save the date consists of a card smaller than the invitation and an envelope printed with a return address. It’s sent weeks or months before the invitation.

Insert Card

For those important details, this may contain directions, an itinerary, or an invitation to festivities during the wedding weekend.

Map Card

Maps are similar to insert cards, but they require some pretty extensive drawing and setup, which is reflected in the pricing.

Website Card

A small card that provides additional details for your guests, perfect for directing them to your wedding website.

Invitation with Envelope

For wedding related events and simple affairs that don’t require a reply. It includes an invitation and an envelope printed with a return address.


Our stock papers are anything but ordinary. Standard paper is a heavy watercolor paper that’s made in France. The sheets have a soft smooth texture that shows off letterpress beautifully. We also offer handmade paper, with a rough texture and delicious soft deckled edges.

We found a soft cotton envelope that is the perfect match for our standard paper, in a soft buttercream hue. For handmade papers, nothing is more luxurious than a handmade envelope, complete with soft deckled edge..

For those who love color, we can print on a wide range of colored stocks and envelopes. Add a subtle hint of color with a pale envelope or pastel paper, or go bold with bright envelopes. Just let us know what your heart desires, and we will find it for you.


We can mix just about any color in the rainbow, and we’re happy to match a swatch for you. Here are a few of our go-to ink colors.


Letterpress is a centuries old technique of pressing words into paper. Remember when you learned about the Gutenburg bible in school?Same thing. Nowadays, I use photopolymer plates rather than individual lead letters – the plates leave more scope for the imagination in what I can create – and my presses are from the 1890s rather than the 1450s, Otherwise, the process is relatively unchanged. Why? There’s just something so tactile, lovely, and handmade about letterpress printing. It leaves a real sense of ink pressed into paper, and lends itself to important occasions in life.