Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my invitations?

Invitations generally take about 3 – 5 weeks to produce.This varies depending on the number of proofs and the time you take in approving proofs.

To streamline the process, try to submit all of your changes at the same time, and to respond to proofs as quickly as possible.

Can you rush the invitations?

We’re happy to accommodate rush orders depending on our workload. If you need things quickly, it’s best to ask!

When should I mail out my invitations?

Wedding invitations should mail out 4 – 8 weeks before the wedding. Rehearsal dinner invitations should mail out shortly after the wedding invitations. Save the dates can mail out from 6 months before the wedding, or more for destination weddings.

Can I see a sample before I place an order?

Sure! Email and let us know what you’d like to see.We’ll send you a packet.

Will I receive a proof?

Yes! Your invitation comes with 3 rounds of complimentary digital proofs, which generally take a couple of days to produce. After that, proofs will be billed at $15 each.

What if there’s an error/typo/omission on my invitations?

We require a final sign-off on your proofs before we go to press.PLEASE, please read over them very carefully. Eglantine Rose is not responsible for any misspelled words, typos, errors or omissions found after the proof has been approved.

Reprints will be charged to the client at a discount.

Will my envelopes have addresses?

The outer envelope will be letterpress printed with your return address on the envelope flap. The reply envelope will be printed on the front with your address.

If you’d like to have us add your guests’ addresses onto the front of the envelopes, we can match the typefaces of your invitation and digitally print the envelope faces. The charge for this is $2/envelope.

Can I order extra envelopes?

We’ll include 10 extra envelopes with your order automatically. If you’d like additional envelopes, let us know when you place your order.

How much postage will I need for my invitations?

Postage rates vary depending on envelope size and on weight, and can change over time

As of January 2019 you’ll need a .55c stamp for reply cards and either .70, .85, or 1.00 for invitations depending on weight.

We always recommend taking an invitation to the post office to weigh before mailing.

What if I need more invitations?

Letterpress requires a very involved setup which can take several hours. Therefore, once your invitations are printed, adding just a few more will take nearly as much time to print as the original order, and will be billed accordingly.

It’s best to order a few extras for those emergency lost friends and forgotten cousins.

What if I need to cancel my order?

If your invitations have been approved and printed, then we are unable to cancel the order. If proofing has begun but your invitations have not yet been printed, we will refund your deposit minus a reasonable amount for hours worked and for materials ordered.

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